I hope you are all enjoying the summer. Traditionally, reports are written for AGM’s, but as some of you already know, I’m not a fan of following tradition blindly, so I’m writing this ‘mid-term report’ now, partly to let you all know what’s happening, and partly to ask for your help and advice.

We are running a WRS WA50, WA70 with Head to Heads on Saturday 14th September, followed by a WRS WA1440 on Sunday September 15th and we need volunteers from the club to help run this event smoothly.  The club benefits in many ways from running these events, income, kudos from the sport unit and sports center which helps us keep the facilities we enjoy today.

Several coaching sessions are available to club members at Grange Community Centre over the winter, see below for more details.

Winter coaching workshops

Saturday 23 November 2019
Saturday 8 February 2020
Saturday 21 March 2020.

Cost: £12 per day. Places are limited so book now!


More details here


For all members, the AGB and SAA fees are due no later than 24th September. For payment details please click here


As a result of the school requiring the store cupboard for other purposes all the club bows and arrows have been removed from Armadale Academy.  Could anyone who regularly uses the club kit please contact the committee so we can make arrangements for you to retain your own loan equipment - it will be collectable from Bathgate on Sundays by arrangement.