A great result for Balbardie at the Glasgow Archers Open in August 2012


From left to right are Gilbert, Mark, Noah, Jenna and David - well done team Balbardie!

5 Gold medals is a pretty good haul for a couple of days in Glasgow!

Questions have been asked about what insurance cover is provided at various events & venues:

GNAS insurance cover is for shooting at GNAS/FITA events and approved practise facilities ONLY – anything else is your own responsibility.

The trial of shooting outdoors at Livingston Cricket Club has taken longer to organise than anticipated and is currently a work in progress.

This trial will NOT take place this outdoor season.

Despite the horrid weather and deep mud, a few hardy club members turned up to help set up and take down the field at our double FITA competition. Thank you to those who helped, but PLEASE could a few more of our members consider helping at the next competition, we'd be eternally grateful. Particular thanks go to the Herd family for another excellent compeition.

Congratulations to the following club champions:

Volunteers, please, for field party on Thursday 6th Spetember 2012 (marking the field) and Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 2012.

Many hands make light work, and with a full field to set up on each day of the competition, targets to be moved between distances and then packing up at the end of the day, there is plenty of work to be done!

If possible, let Josie know when you are able to help; turning up unannounced is also good.