Well done again to Murray, Kirsten and Gilbert who won the team trophy at Glasgow  last weekend in wet, windy conditions.



Well done to Murray, Kirsten and Gilbert who won the team trophy at Ayr last weekend in very warm conditions. The last time this trophy was won was in 2006, and the winners then were... Balbardie!


The Eastern Area is in desperate need of a new treasurer.

This post has very light duties and only involves income/expenditure from the Area champs and any workshops held, and banking the Area fees cheques sent from the SAA.

It is however the most important post for the Area.


The committee meet 2 or 3 times a year plus the AGM.


If you feel you would like to volunteer for this post to support the Area please contact the secretary Elayne McLean

The Balbardie Archers AGM of 2011 voted to have a one year trial of ground sharing with Livingston Cricket Club.

String Jig, sights, riser, buttons, limbs, bow case for sale - see the for sale pages for more details.


For Murray's items, these are being made available to the club for first refusal. These will be published on other for-sale sights in a week or so, so get in quick!