We can now access and return to the range at Balbardie, however things are going to be different from the last time we were there.

There are a lot of changes for us to get used to, some are obvious common sense others may seem a bit silly or quirky. But the bottom line is this is how we have to operate if members want to shoot at the Balbardie range during this pandemic.

In short any shooting at the range can now only be done by pre booking a shooting session on the club website. Members will have to give contact details to the club for track and trace purposes, and notification of changes to bookings or range closures.

Monthly fees

These are difficult times and whilst archery is probably not a priority at the moment, during committee discussions about mainly boring admin stuff. It was raised that whilst we are in lockdown or shielding and unable to shoot, it seems unfair to be asking for club fees especially when many are furloughed.

As such monthly fees are being made entirely Optional for all current members until we are able to shoot again. When that is will be dependent upon AGB reversing their statements to stop all archery, and there are absolutely no doubts over the validity of insurance provided by or through AGB.

This is a quick note to inform members there will be no shooting at Armadale, Linlithgow or Outdoors at Bathgate with immediate effect.

As you may imagine there have been various discussions with AGB last week and across today. I am now waiting on a promised response from Sarah Booth, the head of AGB communications, with regard announcements made on social media and email.
Updates will follow.
Regards Mark

Balbardie Archers Annual General Meeting is called for Monday 30th March 2020 at 19:30.
The venue is Armadale Academy PE classroom.
The agenda will.follow shortly, could those members who indicated a wish to submit motions, please submit them quickly to the club secretary to allow the agenda to be set.

Club members wishing to move a proposal at the upcoming annual general meeting should submit these to the club secretary forthwith and ensure they receive acknowledgement of receipt. 
A copy of the AGM agenda and date to follow once any submissions have been received. 
Submissions to be sent via email to Balbardie Secretary