Club documents at updated. Updates include:

club constitution, parents child protection guide, club etiquette standards, 2010 AGM documents (2011 documents to follow as soon as they're written up). You'll need to be a member to access these documents so sign up today, or use the club guest login.

Please read the latest document from Kevin at: clubdocs/2011 Summer Welcome.pdf

Club photo from the recent end of season lunch can be seen here:

A new outdoor ladder is being developed to add some competitive fun to this outdoor season! Handicaps will be used to level out the field, and ensure that the ladder is open to anyone, regardless of ability.

5th April - Our chairman is going for the 'most uploads to the website' award next year! Indoor champs results and bafta awards powerpoint. Go here to take a look (members only)

2nd April update - Balbardie Hall of Fame, and Chairman's letter now available in the members area.



Mondays        7pm - 9pm         Armadale

Wednesday     7pm - 9pm        Balbardie

Friday             7pm - 9pm        Balbardie

Sunday         10am - 2pm        Balbardie

Around 30 archers attended the Balbardie/Grange coaching day on the 5th of March. Activities included string making, arrow tuning, arrow making,

Worcester 18m (16” black and white face, 5-4-3-2-1 scoring, 5 dozen arrows, shot in 5 arrow ends)


Another well deserved win to Gilbert Jamieson this month, who smashed his previous personal best AND the club record (which has stood since 2002) to turn in a score of 284 out of a maximum 300. Gilbert modestly remarked that a lot of his 5 point scores were line-cutters, but this was a cracking good end.

Round - Fita 18m (40cm face, 5 dozen arrows, shot in 6 arrow ends)

A well deserved win to Gilbert Jamieson this month, who smashed his previous personal best to turn in a score of 532, leaving the rest of us to compete on excuses (a large repertoire of excuses is invaluable for archery, to keep you going through bad patches – “I was rubbish” gets a bit repetitive).

Please find below the invite form for the Postal League, in addition to the information sheet regarding the EA Indoor Championships in January 2011. If you have any questions please ask Mark Cook either by email or in-person on one of our shooting nights.


EA Indoor Championships 2011

Postal League Invite 

Due to school holidays the Wednesday shooting at St Kentigerns Academy Blackburn will be cancelled on Wednesday 20th October for one week only. 

For information there is a school play running on 10th of November and we will NOT be able to park in the normal place, rather we will park in the bus car park which is opposite the 5 a side pitches at the far end of the school – archery will go ahead as normal on the 10th.
The September Monthly Medal results are in and please join me in Congratulating Donald on winning this months medal for his Portsmouth score. Superb shooting. Unfortunately there currently isn't a physical medal, so you'll just have to start shooting that good every month Donald!  


Please see below for a full break-down of the results. For those who are unaware what the Monthly Medal is, please see this article.

Congratulations to Donald McIntosh in setting a new personal best, as well as a fantastic score, by scoring a 566 Portsmouth!

The only downside Donald comment on was the cost of shooting this well, as he "Robin Hooded" one arrow, got a broken knock and had two arrows with the fetching stripped off.

I know that some/most of you have either paid or arranged for a bank payment to be made to cover the GNAS fees but we still have some outstanding. Joise has asked me to remind you to make contact with her to arrange payment or to myself if you decide not to renew so we can strike you off the list we must send back as the annual return.

Please can you arrange to settle any outstanding sums by Monday 20th as we will make our return that week.

The Eastern Area Championships on Saturday 11th went rather well. The headline results are as follows.

Eastern Area Mens Novice Recurve Champion - Kevin Young
Eastern Area Ladies Under 12 Champion - Jenna Cook
Eastern Area Compound Men Champion ( runner up ) - Gordon Brown

Jenna Cook - also earnt a badge for her first 6 gold end, her FITA 1000
points badge and finally her score is being submitted to see if it qualifies
as a new Scottish under 12 record for a Metric 5, so a massive well done to her!

Good news – the footballers have dropped their lease at Blackburn on a Wednesday evening and so we have been able to secure a 2 hour shooting slot on Wednesdays from now on. The shooting will now run from 7PM to 9PM and hopefully this will make getting a round of 60 arrows in easily possible.

Also here are the details for the Autumn / Winter coaching workshops that were such a success last year – please register your interest direct with Josie but be aware we need up front payment this time.
The latest indoor ranking and selection criteria for 2010 can be download from here

Congratulations to all our 2010 outdoor champions!!! We got a good turn out in the end considering how poor the conditions were. We were all blown about a fair bit and it got pretty cold because of the wind chill factor, however nobody complained because everyone was shooting really well...


For all those fed up with the sunburn at Balbardie you will be glad to know we are heading indoors at the start of September. This season will prove to be the most exciting yet as we now have three weekly venues and will be shooting at :

Reminder that our club championships are scheduled for Sunday 29th August followed by a club BBQ. So far entrants to the club championships are as follows:


Just to flag up to you that GNAS fees are payable for the 2010 – 2011 season for members and, unless you joined mid year and have the 18 month membership, your cards will usually expire on September 30th. 

The fee for full adult members remains at £63 per year and the discounts for second adults and families remains the same. GNAS have issued us with new styles of payment receipts which will serve as proof of membership for those who need to enter competitions and have not received their official GNAS card. These receipts will be valid until 31st October 2010.

A few months back we were in the pub and agreed that it would be great to increase the number of events we enter as a team, because based on experience against Falkirk they are a really good laugh.
To that end we did a lot of thinking and I proposed a new initiative to the SAA (which was duly endorsed) called the Tour D'Ecosse where we had a number of grand prix (i.e. competitions) and at each competition there would be a winning team (not individual) and then after three or four grand prix the winning team would be the one which had won the most points.

Updates from 7 July 2010 given in bold

To all members, it's been good to see as many of you as possible shooting this outdoors this year and enjoying the weather which so far has been better than last season I'm told.
We have taken on seven new members since the end of winter/start of summer season, welcome to you all!
In terms of competition results there have been some good scores which I will update on separately when I have more time.

A big thanks to Iain Hogg for organising everyone for the come and try last Saturday at the Linlithgow Round table. Josie, Dave, Mark (and kids) and Gilbert (and family) all pulled together to bring in some much needed club funds and hopefully encouraged a few new potential members - On behalf of the club thanks again to all who took part.

Well done to David Herd on his new FITA PB and club record of 1322 shot at Banchory recently. See the club records page for more information on the existing club records.

The 2010 outdoor season club championship will take place on Sunday 29 August. All club members are invited.

Format - members will be classed as either Experienced or Junior/Novice


The dates for the 2010 indoor season have been confirmed. The venues will be Bathgate, Linlithgow and equipment and net permitting Armadale. The times and dates are as follows:

A random collection of photos courtesy of Mark Cook can now be found here. Scores on the day were:



A good evening with sufficient attendance to enable us to try a head to head out. All agreed the Handicap system worked fairly and gave everyone a chance to win. Some of the head to heads were pretty close with the last match between Struan & Gordon being particularly close.

Please join me in wishing Murray congratulations on setting a new club record on a Fita round - 70m distance score of 310. Well done!

A second team win for Balbardie takes the club to 2-0 in the 4-shoot series. The scores were as follows:

Murray - 578 Bruce - 544
Donald - 530 Moyra - 523
Gilbert - 522 Alan - 512
Mark - 501 Toni - 492
Total:2131 Total:2071


A close match with only 60 points in it. Well done team! Photos below...


All those who ordered clubs polo shirts can now collect them from Mark. He will be bring them along to Bathgate on Sunday for those that still haven't collect theirs. If you can't make it on Sunday give Mark and email to arrane when you can collect.

Everyone who has recorded and passed their scores and classifications to Kev, has now had them added to the site. To see, all the classifications, scores, handicaps and keep track of yours you will either need to create a account, or contact James or Murray for the default member login name and password. Once logged in the link will appear on the left hand side of the page. If there are any mistakes or anything needs updated/changed just drop James or Murray a email, if you don't have our address you can use the form on the Contacts page to send a message to us.

Sunday outdoor shooting will resume this Sunday (4th April) 10AM - 2PM at Bathgate Sports Centre field.

For those new to outdoor early season shooting, please take note that although it may be a dry day the ground will still likely be muddy and therefor we recommened you bring a good pair of boots (or similar) and a spare pair of shoes to get home in.

The net has been put back up at St. Kent's!

The club would like to thank Keir Stevenson at West Lothian Sports Development for supporting us through this period and providing the finance for the work.

Got a question? Check out the tips and articles section in the members area.

Please join me in welcoming 3 new members to our club – Steven Freedman, Claire McHarg & Rob McHarg all signed up last night at Linlithgow.

Excluding the University clubs Balbardie Archers is the third largest club in Scotland (as measured by number of senior members).

Glasgow: 59
Bannockburn: 41
Balbardie: 38

The following club colours may be used at any competition (in addition to GNAS Green/White):

Polo/Sweatshirt: Burgundy with or without club badge
Jacket/fleece: Black with or without club badge
Trousers/Skirt: Black

Note that if you choose to wear Green or White, then these cannot be mixed with club colours and the Green should be a DARK green.

See the merchandise page for ordering information