The committee are currently working on indoor lets.  It is required that every session has a qualified first aider and a Covid officer, this is a necessary requirement of the terms and conditions for West Lothian school lets - see link below.  If we can't get volunteers we will not be able to run indoor sessions.

Does anyone have a current Emergency First Aid Certificate and be willing to attend indoor sessions on a rota basis?  We anticipate it will be Armadale Wednesday evenings 7.45pm - 9.45pm from now onwards, Armadale Monday evenings 7.45pm - 9.45pm winter and Linlithgow Friday evenings 7.45pm - 9.45pm  winter.

If you dont' have a first aid certificate would you be interested in doing one?  The club is considering paying for a small number of people to complete one.  If you are interested please contact the secretary.

We also need as many people as possible to complete Covid officer training and be willing to go on a rota for indoors.  This is a short online course which can be completed in about an hour.  The good news is it's absolutely free.  Please complete this course which is in the link below and send your certificate to the secretary.

The committee also require a child protection officer to join us on the committee.  It is much easier to have a successful club if all committee positions are filled.

We would love for more members to help out so if there's anything you want to do to help please let any of the committee know.

Sandie, Jackie, Kayleigh, and Martin.