4 Boss Range

We are now able to operate our range with 4 bosses operating at once.

A maximum of 5 families and 15 people on the range.

Bosses remain at 5 metre centres as marked on the range lanes 1 to 4.

Restriction on key holders shooting together removed, as long as there are huge efforts to include non key holders and novice archers.

If anyone is finding it difficult to book range sessions please let the club secretary know.

Indoors moving Outside, Coaching and Bad Habits

For members who usually only shoot inside and for those who haven't shot for ages, the outdoor range could appear a bit daunting and it needn't be.  To help club members shoot outdoors Sandie, our head of coaching, has kindly offered to run short one hour aoching sessions at Bathgate, probably on a Wednesday our normal indoor night.  This will cover all aspects of shooting outside, from covid safety and how to setup the bosses on the grass using the trolley to trundle them about, how to get back to bow fitness, how to select distances to shoot from 10 metres upwards, what target size to use (we have large full face outside), and have Sandie asses whether you would beneift from borrowing low poundage club limbs or bow to build up your fitness level again.

But the really good news is, that over lockdown as well as forgetting your form you've probably also forgotten all the bad habits that you taught yourself.  And so it really is the perfect time to back to basics and refresh everything and who better than Sandie, Scottish Archery's coach of the year to get your back shooting and even better than before!

If you think this would be of interest please let Mark or Sandie know either by email or Google group chat.

Indoor Archery - Outside

Some queries about indoor activity have been forthcoming since Archery GB gave guidelines for England. but for clarity the Scottish Government Coronavirus Act Education Continuity (#4) direction, legally prevents any access to Scottish education facilities for anything other than teaching, child care or urgent maintenance.  As such we have put some coaching plans in place to help indoor archer moves outoors.

And remember you can still shoot indoor rounds outside.  The range is marked for 18m and 10m distances.

Booking a shooting session

A few comments from people that there is no obvious booking form, that's intentional follow the link Covid-19 in the member's area and first read the required documents/conditions before booking.  The form is there once you have.

Use the club Google Group email to find at least one other archer and/or key holder to shoot with and ask if non key holders want to join you to shoot.

Returning Archers

Now we shoot in smaller groups, often without committee members present to verfiy new and returning archers.  The club plan to have a returning/new members page in the Covid-19 documents so they can be introduced, if you are a key holder taking responsibility please check to see who's joined.

And remember it is hard enough for people to join a new group without having social distancing piled on top, so please take a minute and make new members feel welcome and introduce yourself.