We can now access and return to the range at Balbardie, however things are going to be different from the last time we were there.

There are a lot of changes for us to get used to, some are obvious common sense others may seem a bit silly or quirky. But the bottom line is this is how we have to operate if members want to shoot at the Balbardie range during this pandemic.

In short any shooting at the range can now only be done by pre booking a shooting session on the club website. Members will have to give contact details to the club for track and trace purposes, and notification of changes to bookings or range closures.

The range will operate under local restrictions that are set by the club committee only. These restrictions have been negotiated on the basis that our range is on a commercial mixed sports complex and bounded by local government public green space. Initially numbers are restricted as this was the scope of the original documents and it was easier to continue negotiations, risk assessments etc and implement that first, then makes change. But the intention is that we will catch up with Scottish Government numbers allowing 4 or 5 bosses on the range. Although its not likely to follow SA latest media releases about 4 metres separation unless they can provide as the NGB, risk assessments for this and their other statements made. So check the club webpage for the actual restrictions and conditions the range operates under and follow those only every time you go to shoot.

Members have a bit of reading to do, if they haven’t already so they can follow the advice and rule changes from AGB and Scottish Archery. Where there is overlap between them, our club follows Scottish Archery covid19 guidelines, as SA are Scotland’s registered National Governing Body. In addition Scottish government laws and current covid19 guidance and club restrictions, risk assessments also have to be followed.

The booking system we use is free for members but gives little controls over bookings. I hope that our members will play nice and follow the club guidelines for booking the range.

We simply ask that members complete a shooting session before booking another and that key holders don’t shoot together to allow the non key holders to shoot with them, particularly in the early days of implementation.

Remember that although using the outdoor range there is nothing to stop any member setting up their boss at 18 metre and shooting as if indoors.

Members will have to access the member’s area of the club website for documentation and bookings. If you have not registered for this before please get in touch for username and password.