Monthly fees

These are difficult times and whilst archery is probably not a priority at the moment, during committee discussions about mainly boring admin stuff. It was raised that whilst we are in lockdown or shielding and unable to shoot, it seems unfair to be asking for club fees especially when many are furloughed.

As such monthly fees are being made entirely Optional for all current members until we are able to shoot again. When that is will be dependent upon AGB reversing their statements to stop all archery, and there are absolutely no doubts over the validity of insurance provided by or through AGB.

Covid-19 hardship

It is also recognised that Covid-19 may impact on any of our current members affecting their jobs and incomes, thereby making archery at Balbardie seem an unaffordable luxury when lock down lifts. As such the committee have agreed unanimously, to waive monthly club fees for existing club members facing such hardship, allowing them to continue to shoot at Balbardie venues for the rest of this AGB year. We are also looking at how this may be extended into the following year as we realise the impact may not just be short term.

Any member who finds themselves in this situation should contact a committee member in confidence. Contacts can be found on the club website and are not posted here simply to stop spam.

Planning for a Return to Shooting ...

Scotland is still in lockdown, however we can see from Archery GB's returning to Archery in England a possible route map for our return to restricted outdoors shooting. Subject of course to any conditions and approval by Scotland's Sports ministers.

Assuming similar controls and distancing to those used in England are required, we would need to operate a booking system for members wishing to shoot. So what would be helpful at this stage is an indication of which members would want to shoot outdoors with some details so we can look at booking solutions on offer. Details such as, when you are able to shoot, as it is unlikely with 5 metre spacing we can all shoot in the evening; a preferred time to shoot for those that have given a selection of available times, if they/you are novice/beginner member; if you are a junior member; bow type; distance requested 18m, 30, 50, 70 to 90m or yards etc ,please email Heather or Mark your details.


In line with Scottish Government policy of avoiding all unnecessary travel, being very aware that many of our club members fall into the highest and higher risk Covid categorys, and simply to ensure that our own members are able to book shooting, whilst any restrictions and booking systems remain in place we will not be open for any visitors.

Managing Expectations

Please be aware that a lifting of the lockdown doesn't mean an immediate return to shooting. There may be permissions needed or conditions to be met first. And of course some of AGB's permissions from the English sports minister means nothing at all in Scotland. Despite what they tried to claim.

Currently Xcite are closed and staff furloughed. All of Balbardie Park, including the golf course, is officially shut and the Army have now set up a mobile Covid-19 testing station in the Balbardie car park. At present the Army are scheduled to be there until the start the start of June.

Hopefully we will be in touch shortly with some good news about a return to shooting at Balbardie.