We are running a WRS WA50, WA70 with Head to Heads on Saturday 14th September, followed by a WRS WA1440 on Sunday September 15th and we need volunteers from the club to help run this event smoothly.  The club benefits in many ways from running these events, income, kudos from the sport unit and sports center which helps us keep the facilities we enjoy today.


You can help by:

Helping mark out the field on Wednesday evening (11th).

Helping setup the field on the mornings of 14th and/or 15th.

Helping clear the field on the afternoons of the 14th and/or 15th.


If you are able to stay during the day on either the 14th or 15th that would also be appreciated, to assist with arrow finding and target moving (Sunday only).


As always, many hands make light work and your support would be much appreciated by all.  If you are able to lend a hand, please contact Kayleigh or Gilbert.