It is that time of the year again where we venture outdoors for those hardy souls who wish to join us.  For those less hardy individuals we will continue shooting indoors at Armadale.


Friday 23rd March was the last session at Linlithgow until October.

Monday 30th April will be the last Monday session at Armadale until September.

Wednesday will continue to be available indoors at Armadale throughout the summer.


Details of times and venues can be found at (or from the venues link on the front page).



Some helpful hints for those that have not shot outdoors:


Car parking is down the side of the field.  It is the only time we allow people in front of the shooting line.  When you leave your car, please walk away from the field round the back of the parked cars.


Observation is critical.  We get footballers, dog walkers, and other random members of the public wandering onto the field occasionally.  Everyone needs to be vigilant, and remember to call FAST! should someone wander onto the range.


Wet weather gear, warm headwear and waterproof shoes/boots are a must.  And for the rare occasions the sun appears sun block and midgie repellent. 



Indoor shooting at Armadale;


In order to make sure we keep our let, the following list of rules must be complied with:

  • No shooting can take place unless there are a minimum of two affiliated archers present
  • All archers must sign in as normal. The folder is kept in the bag with the faces
  • Make sure the curtain is pulled across behind the targets
  • Decide on a line captain and whether they will use voice or whistle commands to shoot/collect arrows.
  • Once the targets are set up, check that both side doors are locked. Line captain is responsible for ensuring the hall is secure before shooting commences, however ALL archers present are responsible for safety.
  • Stop shooting by 9.30pm at the latest so that the bosses and equipment can be put away. Everyone must be out of the hall by 9:45
  • Ensure that the curtain is put away at the end of the night.
  • Ensure that the floor is swept and the straw is put in the bin outside the hall before leaving.