The Balbardie Archers Annual General Meeting is called for Monday March 6th 2017 at Armadale Academy.  There will no shooting that night.  The agenda is HERE (PDF 350K).

All members of the committee are standing down and will not be standing for re-election to any committee position.

There is a volunteer for the committee position of CPO; volunteers are required for Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Senior Member.


The departing treasurer and secretary will be available to help their replacements with any problems taking on these positions.


Note that the club has substantial funds and assets, and currently has a large membership and a substantial waiting list for beginners courses.  This is a very good position for a new committee to be in.


If no volunteers are forthcoming at the AGM a motion may be called for the club to be dissolved and clubs funds and assets transferred to Scottish Archery Association.


Members should note that without a committee the club cannot function, and there will be no more shooting sessions.


An auditor should also be appointed at the AGM, who must be a qualified accountant.  If anyone knows such a person, please speak to a member of the committee.  Our current auditor makes no charge (an ex-member of the club)  but the club has the wherewithal to pay fees if required.