Congratulations once again are due to Gilbert Jamieson who broke two existing club records and set a new one.

Gilbert raised the bar on the existing club record for a Portsmouth round with a new record of 583 (up from the existing record of 579).


And he also lifted the club record for Bray 1 from 280 to 288 - a very impressive feat!


Not content with breaking existing club records, Gilbert has also claimed a club record for a round not previously recorded on this site: 1121 for a Combined Fita, which is:

  • 5 dozen at 25 metres on a 60 cm face
  • 5 dozen at 18 metres on a 40 cm face

for a maximum score of 1200.

All club members should note that if they shoot a score at competition, or on club target nights, for a round not currently recorded they can claim a club record for that score as Gilbert has done.  Be warned, however, that your record may not stand for long once posted on this site.

A list of official rounds can be found by clicking on the indoor rounds (opens in new window) which have been extracted for your convenience from the Rules of Shooting.

Your attention is drawn to the Match round - 12 arrows shot at a 40cm triple face.  You only have to hit the target once to claim a record, but it may not stand for long ...

Club records you wish to claim should be notified to Donald or Murray, stating your full name, score, round and date.  Verification may be sought.