Since starting our indoor season, it has been noted on several occasions that junior members are regularly attempting to lift, carry, or move equipment which is beyond their ability to manage.


As much as the club members appreciate the help given by our juniors, we must consider health and safety, and ensure we do everything in our power to avoid accidents or serious injuries occurring during setting up/packing up equipment. As a result the following course of action has been agreed by the committee and supplemented with some standard etiquette suggestions for existing and future junior members :-


  1. Junior members should put up their own faces and help to take down all faces at the end of shooting.
  2. If all spaces are taken, they should ask permission to share a face with another archer.
  3. When collecting arrows, remember to approach the target from the side and to pull arrows with one hand on the boss. If you are unsure about how to do this, please ask a coach or an adult.
  4. Junior members should help to put faces, cones and pins away in a tidy manner
  5. No junior member under the age of 14 will attempt to move straw bosses or H frame stands
  6. No junior member under 14 will attempt to open or close the safety net in either venue.
  7. Junior members can, if they wish, help to sweep the floor at Linlithgow once all stands and targets have been put away.
  8. At no time should archers run in the hall as this could lead to trips or falls.
  9. Club members should not touch other archer’s equipment unless they have permission to do so.
  10. When waiting to shoot or to collect arrows archers shoot be mindful of other people shooting and not shout or run about.
  11. If any junior member is unsure about what they are allowed to do, they should ask a parent, adult, or committee member.

We would like to appeal to all parents, guardians and adult archers to be aware of this problem and, if a junior is seen moving equipment, remind them gently that they are not allowed to do so. Any adult who feels uncomfortable with this idea should approach a committee member or CPO who will be happy to remind the junior and explain the reason for this policy to them.

This is also available to download as PDF.