1) the opening times for Armadale mentioned in the Autumn Welcome Letter are incorrect. The correct times are 8 til 10pm as noted in the diary system. Apologies for the confusion caused the person responsible has been reprimanded and told not to read any archery books for at least a month.

2) Owing to a clash with the SAA AGM the club coaching day offered at the Grange on Saturday 26 November has been moved to Sunday 27 November.


3) Josie Needs help to set out the field for the Club Championships on Thursday 8th September from 6pm and as field party on the Saturday and Sunday - please help in any way that you can it is much appreciated.

4) A New Grand Master - everyone should note that Gordon Brown shot an amazing 589 yards at the the 64th National Flight Championships recently which were again held at RAF Church Fenton in North Yorkshire. This means that Gordon has now achieved Grand Master Flight Status - Well Done that man!!! Please join me in congratulating Gordon on his fantastic achievement.


 To read more about the event please see the link below: