Alan Fleming longbow (very fast) 72" nock to nock, 39lb @ 28", laminated Tonkin bamboo back and Mosso bamboo inner core. Black buffalo horn nocks, black leather handle.  Including bag  £200 (cost new £375)
Fandom cartel riser 25" LH c/w arrow rest
Fandom cartel limbs 28lb at 68"
Quiver LH 4 Tube camo design 
Eagle X1 sight
Beiter  button
Supra 8125 string
8 x Easton Eclipse X7 arrows spine 1614 in arrow tube
Silver RX105 bow stand
34" Long rod, Avancee Doinker
Bow stringer
Chest guard LH
All in a bow case
£150 the lot.
Win Win carbon graphite limbs 40lb @ 68" hardly used, in limb bags £50
Win Win carbon graphite limbs 32lb @ 68" well used £15
Collection only, if interested contact Joe Lovell