As agreed at the AGM Linlithgow Academy let has been changed to finish for the winter season at the end of March.

As such this Friday (31st March) will be the last session at Linlithgow until October.


Due to school shows being held in the assembly hall, the car park at Armadale Academy is likely to be extremely busy on Wednesday 29th March.

Please allow extra time to negotiate the car park when you arrive.

Scottish Archery are looking to engage more with clubs and find out what you need to help develop your club, whether you are on a club committee, a coach, parent, volunteer or member they want to hear from you.

Please can you take the time to complete the short survey at

The Postal League will be shot on Wednesday 22nd March at Armadale Academy.

If you have any questions about this please speak to Jackie F.

The car park at Armadale Academy may be busy on 15th March as there is a parents evening that finishes at 7pm.  Hopefully they will be clear before we arrive, but take care just in case - there may be people leaving through the entrance.