Grange archery club is once more open after hall renovations. This is a club based in Brightons in Falkirk, which some of our keener members (David/Josie, Ken, Gilbert, Kevin and Murray) also attend. They usually shoot on a Saturday evening and Sunday morning. If you're interested, take a look at:

A huge congratulations to Gilbert Jamieson and Jenna Cook for winning their respective categories at the East of Scotland Championships on Sunday. Both did so in style - Jenna shooting a PB and Gilbert just one point short of equalling Murray's club record.

The team of Murray, Gilbert and Kevin placing just 7 points behind the EUAC team winners.

Well done to all who took part.

A good turnout so far in the November monthly medal shoot.  This was planned as a Vegas round but amended to a Portsmouth to encourage newer members to join in, and participation has almost doubled!

If any other club member wants to join in they can still shoot a Portsmouth round on Monday 28/11/11 at Armadale and pass their score to Donald.  Results are shown in the members only area

I've just noticed we missed a very important announcement on the website, so to rectify ths - a very well done to Josie on being awarded the much deserved president's medal this year!!

Josie receiving her much deserved medal

More details can be found on the archery gb website here

1) the opening times for Armadale mentioned in the Autumn Welcome Letter are incorrect. The correct times are 8 til 10pm as noted in the diary system. Apologies for the confusion caused the person responsible has been reprimanded and told not to read any archery books for at least a month.

2) Owing to a clash with the SAA AGM the club coaching day offered at the Grange on Saturday 26 November has been moved to Sunday 27 November.