We are running a double WA720 and WA1440 on July 30th/31st and we need volunteers from the club to help run this event smoothly.  The club benefits in many ways from running these events, income, kudos from the sport unit and sports center which helps us keep the facilities we enjoy today.

The committee would like to thank all those who gave up their time to help with the smooth running of the come and try and the Linlithgow Round Table Fete.  Pudsy bear even dropped by to have a go.

Your club needs you!


Linlithgow round table have again invited Balbardie Archers to set up a come and try at their summer fete. 

Linlithgow Round Table are holding their annual Summer Fun Day on Saturday 11th June and Balbardie Archers usually provides a come and try activity.  It takes place in and around the marquee at Linlithgow Rugby Club.

As Club Elector the secretary intends voting for Muriel Kirkwood & Erik Robotham as director of AGB; they are Scottish and so (hopefully) should help influence AGB to consider Scotland.