1) the opening times for Armadale mentioned in the Autumn Welcome Letter are incorrect. The correct times are 8 til 10pm as noted in the diary system. Apologies for the confusion caused the person responsible has been reprimanded and told not to read any archery books for at least a month.

2) Owing to a clash with the SAA AGM the club coaching day offered at the Grange on Saturday 26 November has been moved to Sunday 27 November.

Well done to David Herd and Gilbert Jamieson for shooting more club records recently.

David shot 1326 at the Scottish Champs FITA on the 6th August and  Gilbert broke the York record with 1054 on the 21st August at the Glasgow Thistle & Rose tournament.

Very well done to them both!

The long summer nights are rapidly drawing to a close and the temperatures are starting to drop from the heady highs of 17 degrees to the more normal Scottish “heat”. I have seen more faces outdoors this season than last (although it would always be better to see more of our indoor only members to join us in the great outdoors). For those that have been out enjoying the shooting outdoors this Season I hope you have enjoyed yourselves, for those that have been unable to please come along quickly as we only have about three weeks left before we settle down for 8 months of indoor shooting.


Double congratulations are in order for two of our club members who put in heroic performances at the weekend in separate shoots:

Murray achieved a double first winning the ranking event and knockout competition at the 2nd Selection shoot for the GB Paralympian team and will now be practising hard for the World Championships in Turin later this year.

Gilbert achieved his 1,000 FITA star at the Eastern Area Double FITA, which is a great achievement given it is only his third open competition.