A new outdoor ladder is being developed to add some competitive fun to this outdoor season! Handicaps will be used to level out the field, and ensure that the ladder is open to anyone, regardless of ability.

Starting off: Everyone who wants to be included in the ladder will be entered onto the ladder based on his or her finishing position in the club indoor championship, with the 1st indoor place going onto the bottom rung and the lowest indoor position going on the top rung and so on until all participants are on the ladder.  Anyone who wants to take part in the league but didn’t shoot in the club indoor championship should submit their best Portsmouth score for the 2010/2011 indoor season and they will be placed on the ladder based on this score.

Anyone who wants to take part should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their name, recurve/compund and their best Portsmouth score for 2010/2011.  I will check the recorded positions for the indoor championship positions.


Challenging an opponent: An archer can challenge any opponent above them on the ladder.  If the challenger beats his opponent the challenger moves above the losing archer and thus moving up the ladder.  If the challenger looses, they will move down one rung on the ladder.


Rounds: The round to be shot is to be agreed between the challenger and the opponent.  The only stipulation is that the round is a recognised round and it should be completed in the session.  This should make the ladder open to everyone regardless of their ability.


Results: Results should be given to John at the shooting field, if available.  Failing that an email or a text should be sent to John outlining the result as soon as possible.  If there are multiple challenges in one session then changes will be made to the ladder in the order that the results were received.


Disputes: During the chosen round the challenger and opponent can ask for resolution to disputes from mutually chosen senior member of the club.  If this situation arises then the chosen senior member’s decision is final and binding.


Categories: If there is enough demand there will be two individual ladders, one each for Recurve & Compound.