Round - Fita 18m (40cm face, 5 dozen arrows, shot in 6 arrow ends)

A well deserved win to Gilbert Jamieson this month, who smashed his previous personal best to turn in a score of 532, leaving the rest of us to compete on excuses (a large repertoire of excuses is invaluable for archery, to keep you going through bad patches – “I was rubbish” gets a bit repetitive).


Name Discipline Total Class Excuse
Gilbert Jamieson  Recurve 532 C None required – a new PB
Donald McIntosh Recurve 510 D I've been on holiday, my archery muscles have atrophied!
Kevin Young Recurve 487 D My arrows are the wrong kind!
Mark Cook Recurve 472 D My limbs are stronger than marked and my shoulder hurts!
Charlie Struthers  Recurve 439 D I'm still getting over the change from compound!
Dennis Harle Recurve I don't shoot them small targets!
John Cockburn Recurve I wasn't here!
Aileen Landles Recurve I am still working on the Portsmouth!
Bill Mackay Compound It's Hallowe'en!


The club record for this round is 558 by Murray Elliot, set on 27/01/10.

The monthly medal competition for November will be a Worcester – there is no club record for a Worcester round, so an opportunity for lasting glory here for someone.

The Worcester is not a usual round at Balbardie; it is 5 dozen arrows shot in 5 arrow ends at 20 yards (18.28m, so pretty much “normal” distance for us); in a Worcester round two faces are placed vertically on the boss, with each archer shooting initially at either the top or bottom, and then switching every 6 ends (2.5 dozen arrows). The Worcester is a 16 inch face on a black background, using 5 zone scoring (i.e. inner "gold" is 5 points, outer ring is 1 point, maximum score 300). That centre spot is about the same size as the 9-10 “gold” on a Fita 40cm face.