The September Monthly Medal results are in and please join me in Congratulating Donald on winning this months medal for his Portsmouth score. Superb shooting. Unfortunately there currently isn't a physical medal, so you'll just have to start shooting that good every month Donald!  


Please see below for a full break-down of the results. For those who are unaware what the Monthly Medal is, please see this article.


Name Discipline Hits 10's Total Class
Donald McIntosh Recurve 60 23 557 C
Gilbert Jamieson Recurve 60 15 537 D
John Cockburn Recurve 60 17 527 D
Kevin Young Recurve 60 13 513 D
Aileen Landles Recurve 60 6 461 E
Dennis Harle Recurve 60 4 412 F
Bill Mackay Compound 59 12 530 D