For all those fed up with the sunburn at Balbardie you will be glad to know we are heading indoors at the start of September. This season will prove to be the most exciting yet as we now have three weekly venues and will be shooting at :

Armadale Academy - Monday nights
Blackburn - Wednesday nights
Linlithgow - Friday nights

To enable this to go smoothly the club will need to replace most of the bosses at Blackburn asap. To save money we will be moving a number of straw bosses from Bathgate to Blackburn on Wednesday 1st September prior to commencement of the first indoor shoot. If anyone has access to a transit or trailer can these please let me know so we can get this important task organised immediately.

Also I am please to announce that the club will be offering outdoor shooting on a Sunday morning throughout the winter season (known as frostbite shoots) for the really keen. I appreciate a number of archers will not want to take advantage of this therefore to cover costs for the frostbite shoots archers will be required to pay £1 per session.