A few months back we were in the pub and agreed that it would be great to increase the number of events we enter as a team, because based on experience against Falkirk they are a really good laugh.
To that end we did a lot of thinking and I proposed a new initiative to the SAA (which was duly endorsed) called the Tour D'Ecosse where we had a number of grand prix (i.e. competitions) and at each competition there would be a winning team (not individual) and then after three or four grand prix the winning team would be the one which had won the most points.

Teams comprise three archers and are shot on a handicap basis.

Bannockburn were really enthusiastic and we agreed on the following events for the inaugural year:

Round 1 - 16 July, Bannockburn Grand Prix (piggybacking on the back of the Bannockburn Open Nationals).
Round 2 - 20 August, Greyhound Grand Prix (piggybacking on the back of the Bannockburn Open Short Metrics).
Round 3 - 28 August, Penicuik Grand Prix (piggybacking on the back of the U21 & Novice Championships).
Round 4 - 26 September, Balbardie Grand Prix (club target day Short Metric & end of season H2Hs).

Results to date after Round 1?

Bannockburn 1
Balbardie Nil

We had to forfeit the match because I was the only one that turned up for the event.

This is not great and actually was pretty embarrassing at the time, particularly when they said "we'll definitely be coming to yours on 26 September, can we bring more than one team!"

Anyway I really want to show them what we're made of for round 2 and invite you all to enter and also set a record for the number of club members attending the same competition this year which currently stands at 6.
The ground is beautiful (views of the castle and Wallace Monument), you get to eat cake and I reckon we can field at least three teams - how awesome would that be?

So far we have a record entry for the club:

Ruth, Jenna & Drew - yes a team of three Juniors for the first time that any of us can remember - great stuff guys!!!!

Mark, Gilbert, Kev

Come on guys - surely we can make a third team or even four?

In case you're wondering Bannockburn run their own competition and then we tot up the team results at the end to see who won the Grand Prix, details attached.

For those that want to enter please email kev ASAP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and download the information sheet from here.  

Come on….you know you want to :)