The 2010 outdoor season club championship will take place on Sunday 29 August. All club members are invited.

Format - members will be classed as either Experienced or Junior/Novice


Novices are defined as those that either do not own their own equipment or those that do and have never shot in a competition (club or otherwise) before. Everyone else is an Experienced Archer.

Experienced Archers will shoot a Half Metric II which is 18 arrows at each of 60 / 50 / 40 & 30m

Junior/Novice will shoot a Half Metric II which is 18 arrows at each of 50 / 40 / 30 & 20m

As per the Indoor Championship these rounds will be shot on a Handicap basis. If you want a Handicap you must generate this before the Competition otherwise you will shoot off scratch (a big disadvantage).
This will be strictly applied as it is unfair on other archers for us to estimate your Handicap on the day. If you are unsure how to generate a Handicap just ask any of the experienced club members - it's easy but you must shoot three rounds to get one so start now if you want one for the 29 August.

At the end of the Handicap Competition a seeding system will be used and Head to Heads carried out. The H2Hs' will be shot off scratch, recurves and compounds will not shoot against one another.
Proxy entry - It is recognised that not everyone can shoot on a Sunday, therefore if anybody wishes to they can shoot the relevant round on Wed 25th or Fri 27th of August and the results will be entered into the Handicap competition. Clearly proxy entries will not be able to enter the Fun H2Hs unfortunately.

Time - attending archers are required to be at the ground at 09:30am on the day.

Cost - £1. The cost of the competition has been kept to a minimal amount as we want as many as possible to enter. However depending on interest the intention is to have a BBQ afterwards (probably at Beecraigs but venue tbc) with possibly a game of rounders or two and some other light hearted fun. The second part of the day is very much intended to be a family occasion so non-club members (i.e. all those supporting Parents, Spouses and children are invited along). There will be some cost for this to cover food/BBQ hire etc. but this will be kept to a minimum, more details will be provided when numbers are ascertained.

OK so I'm interested - what do I do next?

Step 1 - Either email me or let me know on a club night whether you want to attend just the competition or the competition and the BBQ. If you envisage bringing others to the BBQ please give an idea of numbers. The money will be collected round about the 30 June 2010.

Step 2 - Now that you've entered, shoot three rounds and get yourself a Handicap.

Step 3 - Buy lots of sun tan lotion because it's going to be a really sunny day with great shooting, great food and great company…. *

Closing date - A closing date for entries has been set at 30 June 2010 - this gives sufficient time to establish numbers and viability of the BBQ.

Come along and enjoy the Fun!
El Presidente

* disclaimer - weather conditions are described for promotional purposes only, the value of your sun tan lotion may go up as well as down, meteorological conditions are not guaranteed.